Dollar Bill Magic Trick, Possibly The Best on America’s Got Talent

here have been a number of magicians that have appeared on America’s Got Talent. Frankly I love when magic appears on the show because there’s a 90% chance it’s something you haven’t seen before. When that occurs you’re usually left in awe for at least 30 seconds which in today’s day and age is an eternity. One of my favorite magicians to ever appear on the show was that ex Pro Football guy who did the card trick and blew Simon away. But that’s not the video I’m sharing today.

Today’s magician does a magic trick with money. He asks the judges to produce some dollar bills and he gets two of them. He then marks each bill, bends the corner back and tears it completely off leaving each bill with a ripped off corner. The bills he uses are a $1 bill and a $100 bill. He does the same thing to each. Unfortunately George Lopez is the guy who gives up his $100 bill. The magician then takes the two ripped sections of each bill, puts them in his mouth, chews them, and swallows them.

What he does next is pretty insane. See for yourself.