“My Religion Allows Me Up To 4 Wives, Stop Meddling In My Private Affair” – Diamond Platnumz

Some hours after the Tanzanian singer was sued by his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto for child support, his main partner, Zari Hassan unfollowed and deleted photos of him from her Instagram page, Diamond Platnumz has told critics to stop plunging into his private life.

He took to his Instagram page to vent his anger at waking up every day to new stories about his controversial love life – in an Instagram post, he made it clear that he will be the first person to inform his fans when his relationship with the mother of his two children is over.

He says that after all, he is only 28 years old and not legally married to anyone. Again, that when he decides to marry, his religion allows him to have up to four wives.

His IG post below:

Mara Diamond Kamla Huyu, mara sjui naskia anatembea na Huyu, Mara Ooh sjui inasemakana juzi alikuwa na Huyu…Yani kila Ukiamka limezuka jipya, Utazani yangu ina Sukari au Nakojoa dhahabu?…..Hebu Niacheni kidogo, niko Busy nahangaika kuipeleka Bongo fleva yetu Duniani…. Sijamkaza yoyote, na Sina Mahusiano na Yoyote anaetajwa, na Siku pia Nikimaliza Mahusiano yangu na Alie South na nikawa na Mwengine na ikifikia kuliweka wazi ntaliweka wazi Mwenyewe, Maana hakuna kitachonizuia… ndio kwanza nna miaka 28, Sijaoa na Hata nikioa Naruhusiwa niwe na wake Wanne PERIOD!!!…

When translated, it reads;

Mara Diamond After this time, I did not know he was walking with This, Mara Ooh did not deny the juice had This … Whosoever When He wakes up has risen up again, My feed has Sugar or Gold Gold … Let me give a little bit, it’s Busy and I’m hesitant to send Bongo our fly to the world …. I do not care anymore, and I do not have any relationships with them, and the day I finish my relationship with Alie South and I have one and when it comes to making it clear I do not make It clear, For nothing will stop me … that’s the first 28 years, I’m not married and even marry I’m allowed to have four wives PERIOD !!! …

Diamond and babymama Mobetto welcomed their son, Abdullatifah Naseeb in August.

Mobetto sued Diamond for defamatory comments he made about her in a live radio interview on Clouds FM when he broke the news that he had fathered a son with the model behind Zari’s back.

She accusedDiamond of belittling her by using defamatory words while alluding to their once secret affair, something she says has portrayed her in bad light in the eyes of the public.

Mobetto also accuses Diamond of failure to provide for their son for close to two months.

This is contrary to Diamond’s version of the story when he confessed to being the child’s father, while also claiming that he has been providing child support since conception.

Diamond claimed that he has been paying his baby mama a daily upkeep of Tsh70,000 (Sh3,131) as well as bought her a brand new Toyota Rav 4 worth Tsh20 million (Sh895,301).