Prison Break creator confirms season five will be Michael Scofield’s last outing

Show creator Paul Scheuring has confirmed that the revived show, starring Wentworth Miller, will be bowing out after the first series – unless someone else picks up his baton.
Why? Because he feels he’s run out of material.

‘I couldn’t tell you another story about this group of people. Maybe somebody else can, or by accident, I’ll somehow, possibly, dream up another prison escape that’s new and fresh, but I would bet against it,’ he told Collider.

Paul continued: ‘You can only be open for business, if it’s worth being open for business. Your product has to be worthwhile.
‘Until I, or someone else, can come up with something that’s really worthwhile for the audience, you have to say goodbye to these people.’
But, knowing how devastated fans would be, Scheuring insisted that once they’ve seen the end of series five, they won’t feel the need for more Wentworth and co.

‘At the end, you’ll be like, “That was the dynamic. That’s what happened. And that’s how it was resolved. Wow!” There’s no over-hanging piece that will make you want to come back next year,’ he reassured.
Interestingly, he also revealed that he only signed up to season five of Prison Break, which also stars Dominic Purcell, because it was designed to end the story.
He added: ‘The reason I signed on to do this season was because I knew where the season ended. This thing was designed as a close-ended piece.’