Insane Human Records: Longest Ear Hair

Insane Human Records Longest Ear Hair Photograph

Indian citizen, Anthony Victor, holds the record of the most ear hair. We’re not quite sure how proud one should be about this fact, but Victor has hair measuring up to 7.12 inches sprouting from the center of his outer ears.

Human Records: Furthest Eyeball Popper

Eyeball Popping

Putting Mr. Martinez from Daria to shame, American Kim Goodman can pop her eyeballs a creepy 0.47 inches beyond her eye socket. The feat was measured in Turkey in 2007.

Human Records: Longest Maggot Bath

Though beyond our comprehension why anyone would want to set this record, a British woman, Christine Martin, sat in a bath with maggots for 1 hour and 30 minutes, on what we can only assume was a crazy day in 2002.

Insane Human Records: Most Stretchy Skin

Most Stretchy Skin Picture

Ten Utterly Insane Human Records

Garry Turner of Britain can stretch his skin up to 6.25 inches, less due to an amazing talent and more so a medical condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. The disorder of connective tissues affects the skins, ligaments and internal organs, allowing Turner to distend his skin to unnatural lengths.

Most Rattlesnakes Held In The Mouth

World Record For Most Rattlesnakes In Mouth

Jackie Bibby Rattlesnakes Pictures

Though not quite sure what possessed him to do it, Jackie Bibby, USA, holds the record for most, live, rattlesnakes held in his mouth. In 2001, he held eight, by their tail, for 12.5 seconds.

Insane Human Records: Longest Fingernails, Female

Gigantic Female Fingernails Picture

Human Records Longest Fingernails

68 year-old, Lee Redmond, USA, used to hold the record of the longest fingernails for a woman. She started growing them in 1979, and by the time of official measurement in 2008, they reached 28 ft 4.5 in length. Unfortunately, the three decade long effort was wasted in early 2009 when Lee lost her nails in a car accident.

Heaviest Weight Pulled With Eye Sockets

Utterly Insane Human Records Pulling Weight With Eyesockets

The Space Cowboy, aka Chayne Hultgren, holds the bizarre and painful record of pulling the heaviest weight with his eye sockets. In 2009, the Australian pulled 907 pounds (humans and cycle) on the ‘Lo Show Dei Record’ show in Italy.

Farthest Nasal Ejection Of Spaghetti

Kevin Cole, of New Mexico, USA, holds the record for blowing the longest spaghetti strand out of a nostril in a single blow. Cole started spraying Ramon noodles out of his nose, and then slowly progressed on to spaghetti. His crowning achievement was recorded in 1998, with his spaghetti strand measuring 7.5 inches

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